Dream Big, Live small.


Life on the road and a web designer

If somebody had told us 3 years ago that launching our little Devon village web design business would give us the power and freedom to travel the world and continue to build our business, we would have thought you were mad. 



When we started Bunker Media the goal was to become sustainable as a small business that would allow us to work for ourselves and to make our own rules. Enough already with waiting tables and tending bar in the evenings and on weekends, enough of missing out on special family occasions because you are on a double shift with a 30 minute lunch break, something had to change. 



In 2015 we had fallen for the idea of going travelling, as what seems like all of us millenials dream to do. We chose to convert a van into our mobile home. At this point we hadn't even contemplated the idea of working from the camper in different countries, but this soon became a huge light bulb moment that excited us beyond anything else. 



Whilst still in the transition stages of full time work to full time self employment, the van had been purchased and dumped onto our families driveway. We then spent the next 12 months converting the van into what is now the #Bunkermobile. It was a long and difficult year, we had never built a camper or done anything like it before and we were learning as we went, knowledge that we are very proud of will continue to build on. 



In September of 2016 we set off on a 3 month road trip through mainland Europe, France, Spain, Gibraltar etc and we realised very quickly that providing we had access to Wifi or mobile data, we could continue to work on projects we had while on the go. All of our existing clients were made aware of what we were doing and all of them shared with us just how envious and excited they were for us. 



After completing numerous website designs, print design and even the post-production for the last wedding we had completed the day before we left, we realised that this could become a more viable option for our business and for our lives as people. I mean, think about it, if you could travel the world, spend your free time exploring beautiful landscapes, create stunning memories and continue to earn a living in the process, would you not jump at the chance?!



Travel and Bunker Media are now completely inter-grated for about 40% of the year, we would go completely full time as travellers but we have a contract with a client in Devon that needs us on site for 7 months out of the year and being a cub in the digital jungle, we have to ignore the egotistical thoughts that tell us to "Just do it, you will be fine, you don't need that project anymore" and maintain a sensible, business head for the time being. 



We are sure that we will one day be able to commit to travelling full time but as any self-employed person will be able to relate to, your best paying month may well be followed by your worst. 



All we can say is that if you have an on-line business, web design, social media management, a shop etc and you have considered the possibility of working remotely, even for just a few months out of the year, we highly encourage you to do so. 



You will meet amazing people, swap incredible stories and grow not only as a person but as a business in the process.



Just do it, life is too short and unpredictable to say no for the sake of saying no.


All the best

Pete & Emma

Bunker Media


p.s If you ever see the Bunker-mobile, be sure to come and say "Hi!", we'll pop the kettle on, you bring the biscuits.

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