High Grade 


The greatest care is taken when creating your gallery of imagery. The latest in software is used for post-production as well as professional, high quality cameras, lighting and equipment to ensure that your photographs are a true representation of your business.



Every image that passes our quality control process is given the full treatment using state-of-the-art photo editing software to give it that special something. From minor amendments and tweaks, to full makeovers and colour correction.  

Publish Anywhere 
You Like.


Once your gallery is finished and your project complete, you are free to publish your professional, high quality photographs on any and all of your social media platforms, websites and print campaigns. 

State of the Art 



While it is the skilled archer that shoots the arrow, not the bow, it does help if the bow is made from high quality materials by a craftsmen, who is a master of his trade. This gives the archer the best chances of hitting the target every time. The same can be said for photography equipment.

Commercial Photography


Bunker Media offer professional, high-grade commercial photography services for businesses of all sizes in Devon. By using the latest in digital photography hardware, software and a compulsive yearn for perfection, Bunker Media create collections of breathtaking images every time.

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