Karyn Woodhall.

Case Study.

Website Design  Commercial Photography Design and Print

Karyn Woodhall is an at home personal assistant who works with some of the county's most prestigious members of society ensuring their day to day lives run as smoothly as possible.


When her need for a new website brought her to us, we knew that we had to create something that was not only professional but easy on the eye, a little bit quirky and with some amusing factors as well.


We developed a clean website that boasts high-grade commercial photography and white space which, in turn, clearly displays how Karyn's business is run; clean, to the point, simple.

Once the website was published Karyn came back to us to design her a print campaign that included brand new business cards and flyers and now Karyn is thinking about her car livery. 


Be sure to check out her website using the links below. You never know, you might need her one of these days.

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