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Do I Need a Professional Website?​

professional website design in Devon

Bet you didn't see this coming,


The answer is,




And whichever one of your friends, family members, colleagues or partners tells you otherwise, they are without a shadow of a doubt, in every conceivable way, unequivocally WRONG!



Bet you didn't know this.


Bill Gates, creator of Microsoft, and therefore Windows, you know that little program that is run on 90% of all desktop computers? Ok good.


He once said, "If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business" - Flash backs to the dot-com-boom anyone?


And he could not have been righter. In this day and age, if your clientele do not have the ability to pull out their mobile device, Google your business name and click through to your website, they will...they on your competitors website and 99% of the time, will endorse their services over you. It is that simple...



But here's the thing.


Since responsive website design became the norm back in 2015 thanks to Googles mobile site algorithm update, it is no longer a game of just getting your website online. Every web designer now has the facilities and resources to build stunning responsive websites and if you ever find yourself having a meeting with a designer who does not have the knowledge or resources to do this, run a mile and give Bunker Media a call.



Times aren't changing, they have changed.


Before, it was just about having some form of website. A website essentially was your name, contact information, a biography, a holding page or a digital brochure website design that would be left on the backburner for a year, 2 years, or sometimes 5 years and I promise you that even to this day there are websites that have not been updated for well over a decade. The issue with this is that our friendly neighbourhood search engine, Google, has changed dramatically. The way that your websites information is collected, processed and published on to web browsers search results has come so far from what it was 10 years ago. This means that if you don't have a website or your website is not up-to-date, you will be losing out on potential traffic and conversions for your business, all for the sake of not taking the time to invest in a high quality, mobile friendly website design.



But wait a minute.


Before you go racing over to a 'build your own website' platform, take a moment to try to understand why the majority of successful businesses, large and small, invest in a bespoke website.


Key Features include:


- Custom Design


 If a client wants to be able to move a graphic element, add or remove content at will, introduce e-commerce solutions and build a community from within their website, flexibility and a custom design are essential for the success of that project.


- Management


One of the biggest oversights when building a DIY website is the lack of a professional at the reigns. Would you know what to do if your site went offline for what seemed like no apparent reason? Do you understand the complexity of A-Records, MX-Records, Nameservers and hosting? There is a lot more to a website than just a pretty (user inter-) face.


- Time spent


Creating a stunning, mobile friendly website that ranks on search engines and achieves the goals set for that site, takes more than an hour to build. You may have even fallen into the trap of designing a website yourself, only to find that you are half way through and you've spent every spare hour of your evening and weekend for the past 2 months trying to learn the user interface of the platform, while also trying to build your website at the same time.


- Professional Website Designers


A website should be treated as the most important part of your business marketing; it is essential that it works correctly, is comfortable for the user to experience and is safe and stable. Would you risk opening your gas boiler when it breaks and give fixing it a go? I know I wouldn't. There is a reason we hire professionals to take on serious jobs: experience, quality and reputation, to name a few.


- SEO and Analytics


It's a scary term if you don't really know what goes in to both Search Engine optimisation and Website Analytics. So intimidating in fact that most 'DIYers' don't take the time to educate themselves on the subject which ultimately leads to not being seen on search results. High quality, rich content and SEO is huge for getting your website to climb up the ranks. It is a never-ending game of Meta tags, OG tags, description tags, and good old faithful keywords. Not to mention back-links, features and shout out's. The days of keyword dumping are long gone, the game is more sophisticated these days.



Did that make sense?


The simple truth of the matter is that unless you have the time and patience to learn and master hundreds of different skill sets in different areas of digital marketing, website design, responsive design and so on, you will find it increasingly difficult to get your brands website in front of the eyes of the right people. This is why media agencies such as Bunker in Devon, exist. We have spent the decade crafting, working, developing and repeating everything that we have just shared with you and to this day, we are still a student to the world wide web. Everything changes so quickly that if you're not involved on a professional level, you may end up where we started out, nowhere.


If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and don’t forget to share and like with your friends and colleagues.



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