Aerial Videography.


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Stay safe and allow our certified commercial pilot's to execute and complete a flight path according to the CAA approved laws and regulations. When using a small unmanned aircraft to investigate and survey an area, a high resolution, real-time video feed is transferred to our pilots, allowing pin point accuracy for recording film and still images of the site.



Using state-of-the-art UAV's or "Drones", we are able to record your creative video in ultra high-definition 4k, giving you the crispest of images and an endless amount of possibilities in post-production. Reaching altitudes of up to 400ft and speeds of over 40mph, there is not much that our pilots can't keep up with.

Land & Property.


Allowing potential buyers to view land and property from a birds-eye-view can greatly increase the possibility of a sale by adding a new dimension to your sales brochure. Showing the vast acreage or beauty of a property is very appealing and exciting to potential buyers.

Aerial Videography


Bunker Media and Black Hawk Technology are commercial drone pilots, approved, qualified and certified by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Drones, or SUAV's, are incredibly versatile and exciting tools that create stunning birds-eye-view film and imagery, giving your promotional marketing material that spark of excitement.

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